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Edius Wedding Project, Edius 3D Effects,

Wedding Video Live HD Mixer,

TV, Cable TV, Web TV

24x7 Shedule Automation HD

Software with Project

Cable HDTV Channel Playout - Direct to MSO, LCO & IPTV

Web HDTV Channel Playout - Direct to Internet & Mobile

(made easy to work)

Easwarr Wedding Project for Edius

(made easy to work)

Wedding Video Mixer HD

(Only 59,000 / -)

Free Web TV Channel

(Create your online TV channel)

Cable TV Schedule Automation Project

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Easwarr Cable TV Schedule Automation Project

Edius 2018 Tamil Song Project Demo

Edius 2018 Tamil Title Project Demo

Edius 2018 3D Effects Project Demo

Edius 7, Edius 8 & Edius 9